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Our patients love us
for what we do for them

  • Anirudh Mahesh

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I am very happy with the result with my son’s treatment. I have seen the change in his health. He is doing very well and good health. All Thanks to the Doctors.

  • Megha Shetty

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The process of treatment was a very slow. We need to have a lot of patience and Dr. herself was very patient in making us understand about this disorder as it was new and never heard or seen in family history.The Improvement was enormous and we are happy now for our daughter. Dr. Kavita has been…

  • Utakarsh Santosh Auti

    We are really so happy with Dr. Sumayya, as well Dr. Batra’s Clinic. Our baby almost recovered from the cold and cough.

  • Usha Hinjorani

    There has been marked improvement in cough and asthma attacks- both in terms of frequency and severity. The magnitude of hair loss has also reduced.

    I will definitely recommend homeopathy treatment to others.