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Depression Overview

No one is exempt from depression, the ‘common cold’ of psychiatric illness. We all go through it at some time or the other — each in our own way. Besides, we all react to life’s innumerable problems differently. Depression affects more than 200 million people around the world. In the worst scenario, it can lead to suicide. Over the world, a million people take this extreme step, every year.


  • Depression is a major public health concern. It can affect people of all ages and backgrounds; women are twice as likely to suffer from it as compared to men.
  • Depression does not affect the individual alone; it has repercussions on one’s family, friends, as well as work.
  • There are costs involved in terms of lost productivity and absenteeism from work, due to depression and depressive states.
  • Depression is one of the principle causes of disability all over the world.
  • People with a family history of anxiety, despondency, or bipolar disorder, or having alcohol or drug abuse problems, are more likely to develop the problem.
  • The condition also has a propensity to worsen as time progresses. It can substantially affect the individual’s life at home and in social circles.

The good part is that depression is treatable and the results are superior if treatment is sought early. Homeopathy can provide significant relief to patients with depression and can play a vital role in improving their quality of life.

What is depression?

In simplified words, depression can be defined as sadness or grief that persists for an excessively long duration as compared to normal and significantly impairs the normal functioning of an individual.

On account of millions of people being affected by depression worldwide, it is a huge public health problem. It is especially important to diagnose it and treat it in time, because it affects not only the patient but his entire family as well as his work.

Depression can affect people of all ages and backgrounds; females are twice as likely to suffer from it as compared to males. The major problem with this condition is that it often has sub-clinical symptoms, leading it to be under-diagnosed and hence under-treated.

The condition has a propensity to worsen as time progresses and it can substantially affect the functionality of an individual. In the worst scenario, depression can lead to suicide, which results in the loss of as many as 850,000 lives every year.

Types of Depression

Situational depression occurs after certain traumatic events take place, like divorce, retirement, loss of a job, or the death of a relative or close friend. Another form of depression is hormonal depression, where biological and hormonal changes cause depression. It is mostly seen in women. To know more about types of depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Persistent feelings of sadness, isolation, and frequent spells of crying are some symptoms of depression. To know more about symptoms.


Homeopathic Treatment for Depression

Homeopathy treats depression effectively. Homeopathic medicines treats the root cause of depression, not just the symptoms. To know more about the benefits of homeopathic medicines.


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