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9 Stay stylish this monsoon!

9 Stay stylish this monsoon!


We've got you expert tips to look and feel your best this season


Fashion designer Archana Kochhar suggests how you can look ultra glam even while it's pouring:
             Opt for water based products and use scarves to protect your locks. Invest in statement umbrellas in solid neon colors, cute polkas, and digital imprints of famous icons like Marilyn Monroe or digitally printed scenic pieces. Co-ordinate with gum boots in colours like sunny yellow or post box red. Keep the garments simple and style them with bold and bright accessories. Use materials which dry fast like cot-ton, mul, linen and frock styles in midi length to maximum. Capris and peddle pushers work well with loose shirt dresses and kaftan tops. Wear bright tops and muddy bottoms if opting for pants as the mud stain would easily be camouflaged. Avoid whites and pastels and go in for layering. Team with oversize jackets or t-shirts to stay warm. These can be dried and re-used to create a whole new outfit. Lastly, avoid socks and sport bright rubber shoes.

Hair and skin

 Dr. Akshay Batra, Sr. VP Trichology Society of London, UK & Deputy Managing Director, Dr. Batra's lists suggestions to manage your tresses: Keep hair in natural shape and/or style till the nape of the neck and avoid gels and creams. Wash and condition hair gently and regularly. Dry hair naturally and avoid combing when wet. Use only a little moisturizer to help fight frizz. Prevent hair fall and frizziness with a pack of yogurt and egg. Shampoo hair (with a mild product), twice a week and massage with oil for not more than an hour. Avoid colouring and using henna. Indulge in spa or salon treatments regularly, to keep hair in optimal health. Avoid back combing and lacquer, intricate buns and make a single plait or plain bun instead. For dry hair - Use a shampoo especially formulated for dry hair. Wash your hair once or twice a week, and do not use a hairdryer. For oily hair-Use a mild shampoo with an in-built condi-tioner. For normal hair -Use a mild shampoo, a good conditioner and follow the dos and don'ts listed religiously. For skin, Dr. Batra recommends regular cleansing to keep it fresh and healthy and pre-venting pimples and breakouts. Wash your face with plain water several times a day and avoid using soap. Follow this with an exfoliating face scrub. For dry skin -use an almond paste or honey cleanser. Oily - use a mild cleanser. Use ripe papaya pulp as it is a mild, natural exfoliant.

 Use an egg mask once a week. Tone with laven-der oil. Moisturise with a non-water based mois-turiser for wet skin, twice a day. Do not apply oil on your skin, especially your face. Keep yourself dry always (prevents fungal infections) and bathe after getting wet. Use a good sunscreen with high SPF and carry an umbrella and sun-shades with you. Be gen-tle to your skin and avoid heavy make-up.

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