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Vivek Oberoi in Bengaluru for a cause

Monday, 18 October 2010: Vivek Oberoi is in Bengaluru today for a very special cause! He is there to address the media in a pre-event press conference for the Dr Batra Positive Health Awards. The Positive Health Awards (PHA) are India's first health honours instituted by Dr Batra to commend people who, through positivity and strength, have fought and recovered from severe and debilitating diseases and disabilities to lead normal lives. The Awards also honour doctors who have spent a lifetime serving the society.

As a humanitarian, Vivek Oberoi is delighted to be a part of this event. He has first hand seen several positive stories of recovery through the Cancer Patients Aid Association for which he is the ambassador.

Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic was established in 1982 and has since grown into a corporate chain of over 58 homeopathic clinics across 22 cities in India and overseas. The company has over 250 doctors and specialists who are hand-picked and personally trained by Dr Batra. The Clinic treats thousands of patients every year for chronic diseases including asthma and diabetes.

At today's event, Vivek Oberoi will be speaking about the great achievements and contribution to society of the Positive Health Clinic and his experiences with Project DEVI and the Cancer Patients Aid Association which he is a part of through the Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation which is operated by his family.