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Hay Fever - Homeopathy Treatment

Works at level of immunity: Homeopathic remedies work at the level of immunity and as hay fever is caused due to an exaggerated immune response to certain allergens, it is most suitable to treat hay fever. Homeopathy targets the body’s immune system whereby it reduces the hypersensitivity to the allergens that produce hay fever symptoms. Over a period of time, patient reacts less aggressively to the allergens and gradually the hypersensitivity decreases.

It must be noted that even during the period of treatment, patient may continue to get allergic attacks; however these episodes are less severe and last shorter as compared to before.

No side-effects: Patients gradually notice an overall improvement in the general health as the treatment progresses. Even in chronic cases of a long standing nature, homeopathy offers significant help in treating and managing symptoms without side-effects such as drowsiness which accompany most medications. 

Individualised medicine: Moreover, homeopathy offers individualised treatment to every patient. Every patient experiences allergy in a different way. For example, nasal discharges may be either burning or itching. Some people also experience unbearable itching in the ears, throat, eyes or combination of any of these. Rather than suppressing these symptoms, a homeopath selects a medicine that is matched to the symptom or allergy picture of the patient.


  • Keep windows and doors closed - including overnight as early morning pollen can be particularly troubling
  • Avoid high pollen activities like mowing your lawn
  • Vacuum your house regularly and dust with a damp cloth. Use vacuum cleaners that have HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters
  • Avoid cigarette smoke, which can make your symptoms worse
  • Keep pets out of the house, or wash them regularly if they live indoors
  • Change your clothes and shower to remove pollen after being outside
  • When it comes to diet, increase the intake of antioxidants by taking plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Zinc intake from mushrooms, whole grains, nuts & seeds is good for patients with allergies
  • Avoid or minimize wheat and dairy products in your diet.

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